The challenges of growing older

Every age has its challenges. But the younger and stronger one is, the more easily those challenges are met.

From our mailbox, it’s apparent that many of our loyal Mission friends can be counted as ‘seniors’ enduring the challenges of growing older.

The elderly often find that they become ‘invisible’ to the rest of society. After a lifetime of contributing to both family and community, this is very hard to bear.

Ageing also brings its heartache and heartbreak. The loneliness and grief that comes with the loss of a beloved life partner. The helplessness felt when a family member falls into alcoholism, drug addiction, or dies. Diminishing independence and mobility are both common. Then there’s illness of varying kinds – often chronic, or debilitating. Then add financial crises which can cause great anxiety, distress, displacement and upheaval.

We pray for the needs of every one of our Mission friends, whatever their age. But our older ‘Mission family members’ are specially remembered as we ask God for His special blessings on them.

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Alistair Edwards

We must accept the concept of veneration in our systems of thought!

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