The closing of an important door

The past few years have been filled with hurdles to be overcome. With embarrassment we’ve had to ask for your gracious understanding and forgiveness for changing postal addresses; for the return of your donations being sent to Africa; the impact of the Covid Pandemic; as well as other difficulties.

Now we’ve received an alarming blow to receiving the lifeblood of the Zulu Missions – your gifts of generosity by cheque.

Some time ago, as is happening internationally, the use of cheques as a currency came to an end in South Africa. But we were blessed in that our bank agreed to keep processing your cheques.

Now we have been advised that that door will close shortly.

We understand that many branches of your own banks have amalgamated making local conditions for you difficult as well. We are actively exploring solutions to this dilemma but I thought it only fair to let you know what is on the cards.

It’s with great sadness and concern that we apologise for a situation which is totally beyond our control. Please would you consider using one of the following options for the transmission of your precious donations:

  • Credit Card – these donations can still be processed in South Africa.
  • Postal/Money Orders – in countries where applicable.
  • Direct Deposit – this may require you to physically visit your local bank.
  • EFT (Electronic Tranfer of Funds) – these transfers can be done on computer or mobile phone using the following details of our bank:
    First National Bank
    Account Name – Archdiocese of Durban
    Account Number – 508 444 91452
    Branch Code – 221426
    Swift Code – FIRNZAJJ

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