The ties that bind

Over the years, we’ve been privileged to have Missions friends visit us, and see for themselves how their donations make a difference, especially in poor rural Mission communities.

Others have shared with us their family history that relates back to Africa in some way, and underlies their Missionary spirit of service within the Archdiocese of Durban. Both on-site visits and shared history create special and personal ties.

One visiting Mission friend, Margaret Warner, has a passion for education. And we’ve been fortunate in that Margaret brought her expertise to South Africa, helping with teacher training at St Anthony’s Catholic School, and St Leo’s Mission School.

Another recent visiting friend has been Henrietta Nicholson who hosted a charity exhibition of her artworks in Cape Town.

Henrietta’s father, Neville Vintcent, was born in South Africa. And her grandfather, Charlie Vintcent, played cricket for South Africa against England.

It’s this kind of sharing and connection which tells us that we’re all one Zulu Mission family.

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