familydayTime to celebrate family life

The International Day of Families is observed on 15 May every year. It reflects the importance the international community attaches to families.

Families hold societies together, and extended families extend this legacy over time. But today, more families than ever fall apart – as a result of infidelity and divorce, economic pressures, stress, alcohol and drug abuse and domestic violence. Hundreds of thousands of children grow up without the benefit of a stable family life.

Even though the Holy Father, Pope Francis, hasn’t officially declared this the ‘Year of the Family’, he made reference to it being the 20th anniversary of the UN Year of the Family as he celebrated World Family Day in Rome shortly after the end of the Year of Faith. And he has designated the next two Synods of Bishops to reflect on the theme of the Family.

Let us say the Prayer for our Families and read and share what the Scriptures have to say about Marriage and Family Life. Then we need to find some practical, concrete actions that we can undertake as a Family to strengthen these.

To all families, my wish and prayer is that you will be blessed with the obvious presence of Jesus in your midst; just as He was in the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Prayer for families

Lord Jesus, be with my family.
Grant us Your peace and harmony, an end to conflict and division.
Give us compassion to better understand each other, wisdom and love to assist each other,
And trust and patience to live peacefully together.
Grant that through the intercession of your mother, Mary, and St. Joseph,o
Our family may become a holy family accepting each other, working together in unity,
Selflessly dedicated to one other and to You.

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