Denis Hurley leads the first Good Friday March in 1985

Traditional Good Friday March to take place

In 1985, Archbishop Hurley and other church leaders led a public Good Friday march through the streets of Durban. It was both symbolic of Christ’s suffering the day he was crucified, as well as a peaceful resistance to the suffering caused by the apartheid regime. Above all, the walk reminds us that Christ walks beside each one us, always.

Since then, Christians of all denominations have walked through Durban on Good Friday in solidarity with those who are suffering injustices. Last year’s march had to be cancelled owing to the Covid-19 Lockdown, but this year, Diakonia Council of Churches is planning a small public ceremony. To comply with Covid-19 protocols and restrictions, attendance is by invitation only.

Not everyone can join the march. But everyone can walk together online thanks to a special 2021 Durban Holy Week programme co-ordinated by the Denis Hurley Centre. Over 25 different churches from all around Durban have worked with DHC to make this possible.

From Monday, 29 March, you can access these resources on the DHC website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. There will also be low-data versions for sharing on What’s App.

If you want to download the material in advance – for sharing at your church or through your own social media – please email

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