The Napier Centre 4 Healing is ready to welcome patients

Whilst those homeless people addicted to alcohol or drugs who want to turn their lives around can attend the eight week detoxification programme run by the local municipality, it isn’t enough.

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier understood the need for ‘after care’ to ensure that people in recovery didn’t drop back into their old habits of addiction. This prompted His Eminence to establish the Napier Centre 4 Healing on one of the Archdiocese mission stations.

Refurbishment of existing premises has created this transitional home for a period of six to eight months which will provide counselling, skills development, and help to re-learn personal and social skills for true integration back into society.

We’re making an act of faith that God and compassionate friends will provide future running costs, because a price can’t be put on someone getting their life back after addiction. Thank you for having supported this venture.

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