Where Do Your Donations of Blankets Go?

The answer to this question is – to many places and to many people.

You may never know who receives your gift of a blanket. But the recipient knows you, by the little signed card you sent back which gets attached to your blanket. This makes your giving so very personal, and is so meaningful to each person receiving the warmth of your kindness.

The many ‘thank you’s’ that come by return from those who receive your blankets, are all meant for you – including this one from Mr Malinga, the Principal of Albini High School on Ntshongweni Mission:

‘Letter of Appreciation: We, the community of Albini High School, humbly wish to record our sincere appreciation in respect of the cosy blankets what were offered to our needy learners. They couldn’t have come at a better time. God bless you.’

A place for their daughters at Albini High School is hugely sought after by families even quite distant from Ntshongweni Mission. But many of these families live in poverty and these daughters come to the boarding establishment with very  few personal possessions. It was a joy to be able to provide these girls with a blanket each – thanks to you.

In this instance, we also have a photograph of the recipients above to share with you. Thank you.

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Have not been able to access the page on which to further my giving to your ‘blessed missions’
Please help, as I would want to begin to ‘give’ financially on line.
Thank you & bless you!

Greg Buckley

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