WonderBags slow cooking

Wonderbags – the simple eco-friendly invention that saves fuel and time

When asked how the feeding scheme at St Joseph’s parish could be improved – in both economy and efficiency – the parishioners who do the cooking exclaimed with one voice: ‘Get us a supply of Wonderbags’.

Designed in South Africa by an eco-entrepreneur and a poverty activist, the Wonderbag is a slow-cooker that works without electricity. Food is prepared, put into the pot which is then brought to the boil. Once it is boiling it is transferred to the insulated Wonderbag where it continues to cook slowly and keeps the food warm until family meal time.

Imagine what a difference this makes to poverty stricken rural women who would otherwise have to collect wood and build a fire – or worse use a hazardous paraffin stove. Even in areas where there is electricity, people can’t afford it. And the power regularly goes down due to a crisis in our country’s supply system.

Wonderbags would be ideal at our feeding projects on the Missions, which supply meals to children in schools and care centres, to the sick and the frail elderly. Priced at around R500 (including delivery to distant, inaccessible areas), the Wonderbag will save much more than this over time in reduced fuel costs. And the savings can be used to buy more food to feed more people in need.

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