You made it a Christmas of blessings – thank you

For many people on the Zulu Missions, having survived Covid is a blessing. For others, having survived the devastating floods is a blessing, but one that came with huge loss. Loss of loved ones, loss of homes, possessions and livelihood, all swept away by the raging waters.

Survival doesn’t just happen. It has to be sustained, particularly with food. And Mission friends like you stepped in more than once to provide emergency food. You can never be thanked enough for that kindness.

Then came Christmas. And it looked as though instead of being a celebratory time of joy and abundance it was going to be a continuation of the bleak circumstances.

But again friends like you stepped in to provide Christmas “Basins of Blessings” for families in the most dire need. Your gift wasn’t wrapped in bright paper to be thrown away, but in a basin of continued usefulness. Your gift was nourishing food items that would not only sustain life, but bring joy to the feast of Christ’s birth.

That joy was not only in having something to eat, but in knowing that you cared, and being thankful for your caring. From miles away, you cared enough to reach out to complete strangers in compassion and generosity. You made it a blessed Christmas on the Zulu Missions.

Thank you. And may you be equally blessed in return.

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Thank you for your very kind message today. It is such a blessing to know that you enjoyed celebrating Christmas

God Bless to the Zulu Missions and all the important work you are doing on a daily basis, etc

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