Zulu Mission Bequestor, Freda*, tells her story

We greatly appreciated being advised by UK mission friend, Freda, that she has left a bequest to the Archdiocese of Durban, as well as hearing the story behind her generosity.

‘As an eight year old child, I attended a convent school in the little village of Coldash in Berkshire, run by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary,’ she writes.

‘The Mother Directress, Mother Edward, had taught at a school in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa (part of our Archdiocese). Because it was a private school, pupils included Zulu speaking children, and also a young boy by the name of Denis Hurley.

I remember well how excited Mother Edward was when Father Hurley was ordained, and even more so when he became Bishop.

During the war, my future husband, John, his baby sister and mother were evacuated from Cairo in Egypt to Durban. Father Hurley visited them often, and would walk on their balcony saying his office. Through Mother Edward’s love for the Zulu people, and the connection through my husband, John, my relationship with the Zulu Missions was cemented.

I used to write to Archbishop Hurley, and always had lovely letters back from him. I still have his last letter to me before he died. And now I have the privilege and pleasure of keeping in touch with dear Cardinal Napier in the circle of love for the Zulu people.

In a journey from the age of eight to now 89, I continue to contribute to the Missions, including a gift in my Will. I hope and pray that what I give will make life a little better for the Zulu people through the Church in Africa.’

(* Freda’s surname is withheld for privacy.)

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